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Release Notes

Yet Another Beta

Nemesis daemon v1.7 is here. Although still Beta, this release focuses on stability and bug fixes and will lay the groundwork for our upcoming v1.8 LTS release.

Bug Fixes

Several small "nuisance" issues have been addressed in this release, including:

  • fix for the CLI config subcommand that improperly sets endpoints;
  • improved session tracking; and
  • streamlined certain logic routines in telemetry result processing.

Whats Next?

While it was tempting to call this our "Red October" release (as we indicated in our last update), we made the strategic decision to incorporate the changes we had scheduled for October into our upcoming official LTS deployment. We still plan to have a few more builds for all of you in our Beta test program during this interim, so we'll keep you posted.

Nothing has changed concerning the installation routine, but you can now use our handy download page to get the latest versions without having to remember how to get to the shared google drive folder.

In This Update
  1. Summary
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Whats Next?

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