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Release Notes

Nemesis Garfunkel

Welcome to the December 2019 release of the Nemesis engine. After many weeks of various design discussions, development, and testing, we are all very pleased to present to you this latest release code-named: “Garfunkel” (...it’s a deep and dark December).

This version presents a slight departure from our previous architectures and introduces a series of improvements to operational stability while further lowering resource overheads ( CPU / Memory ) required by the system. Network device discovery and reporting tasks have also been more effectively parallelized to improve reliability and resiliency.

In previous releases, certain edge cases could cause the polling engine to crash in ways that could only be fixed by restarting the process or by rebooting the appliance device. Operational stability has been addressed in v1.7.40, and a new recovery model has been introduced to address these situations. It remains our sincere hope to make Nemesis the most fault-tolerant, reliable, Network device monitoring platform ever.

There is still a fair amount of work to do before we can confidently move forward with a Release Candidate, but the sooner we can gather feedback from our beta testers, the better.


The installation package no longer runs the executable as root and grants only a minimum set of capabilites to program and the non-root user under which it executes.


There have been some notable updates to our installation guide, including instructions for using curl to download the latest bits.

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