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Notable Changes

Blazing Fast Device Discovery Module

This version of the daemon offers a complete overhaul of the previous network device discovery module with a focus on parallelization and performance.

Benchmark tests for this indicate sub 2 second discovery time on /23 networks (512 nodes) and sub 10 second discovery on /16 (65K nodes).

Warp speed SNMP

Massive speed and parallelization improvements to SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) querying. Tests on a /21 network (2048 nodes) average out to approximately 18 secs.

While there is still room for improvement this is a 1000 fold increase on the previous implementation which would not scale to this network size.

These benchmarks are based on lab conditions that are likely much worse that your awesome networks and performance times in the field will likely be much better!

Whats Next?

Work is well underway on the official "Red October" release that will focus on stability and recovery, however, we really didn't want to wait any longer to get this out to all of our Beta testers (9 now in total).

Nothing has changed with respect to the installation routine for those of you who have installed the previous September release but I have included the setup guidlines below just in case.