About Nemesis

Network Monitoring System as a Service

Nemesis is a lightweight, distributed, Network Monitoring System as a Service (NMSaaS) platform that is capable of monitoring small to large enterprise networks as well as geographically separated networks residing across non-contiguous broadcast domains or subnets.

The platform is highly focused on ease of use and deployment, leveraging the same technologies used in IOT solutions. Unlike other network monitoring systems, Nemesis does not require complicated VPN setups, confusing port forwards, or firewall rules to accommodate unnecessarily “heavy” and potentially expensive centralized polling solutions. As a hosted platform, operating costs are reduced as there is no need to install server-based management tools in your datacenter or hire specialized personnel to maintain this infrastructure.

Our distributed monitoring strategy is achieved through the use of low-cost hardware that resides within the target network and securely sends detailed telemetry reports (“tweets”) to our operations centers located globally. The telemetry data contains information on individual devices discovered on the target networks as well as the overall health and performance. This information allows administrators to quickly identify bottlenecks and recognize when something is not performing as expected. As the term “telemetry” implies, this is a one-way communication of diagnostic information using a highly elastic and secure protocol model.

The platform is administered via our secure, cloud-based, multi-tenanted, management portal, NemesisHQ. This is a “single pane of glass application” which presents a holistic view of all your managed networks and devices. Along with various other features, this also allows users to finely tune what bits of SNMP data to query from each node device in an intuitive manner and determine how this data is presented.

NemesisHQ does not send messages directly to devices on your network in the traditional manner and responds only to your designated remote polling engines. This dramatically simplifies the configuration and deployment strategy while also limiting the surface area of attack from outside sources.

There is no need to redesign your network subnets or implement special firewall rules in order to accommodate the monitoring utility. Virtually any network can be remotely monitored in this manner with the deployment of a simple to install, downloadable application service or by employing a low-cost pre-configured hardware appliance.

Nemesis is not a vendor-specific tool. It is, and will always remain, entirely hardware agnostic with the ability to collect information and statistics from all IP and SNMP capable devices. Nemesis is ideal for Managed Service Providers, Systems Integrators, and anyone who must support a diverse group of remote networks on a proactive basis.